tahlulah (tahlulah) wrote in shizknit,

In Search of the Golden Fleece

I have no pictures this time, just exciting news!

I've always been interested in fibre and fabric and wool and colours and textures --- even before I learned to knit and crochet. I come from a long line of knitters, crochetters and fibre 'artists'. Some of my earliest memories are of sitting at my mother's feet during a gathering of her sisters, my grandmother and various friends, listening to their chatter and watching them knit or crochet --- of playing with their yarn and wool -- feeling the textures and mesmerizing at the colours.

I've also been interested in raw resources --- in raising Alpacas or sheep, myself and learning to go from fleece to wool... of producing my own range of textures and colours and fibres.


A friend of mine has an uncle that farms and he has a flock of sheep. He usually just donates their fleece to crafy friends and this May when they sheer --- he's putting together a big box of fleece for me!

I'm so excited!
And I have so much research to do now! How do I clean it, process it, comb it, card it, spin it, dye it??!! I have much to learn and research. I don't even know where to start.

I'm always learning and researching.
I love it.
Another new project and perhaps hobby.
This will be an interesting summer, in that respect.

Fleece! yay!
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