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Triple Completion MADNESS

What a cute community name. :-) I thought I'd come show you my knits.

So Jeanne comes along, and leaves me without school for 10 days, and without power for 8. Guess how I kept my sanity? That's right, by finishing every knitting project I had going.

1. Word To Your Mother - The Ghetto-G Scarf

So this was not my first scarf begun, but it ended up being my first scarf completed. It was designed by Mayflower, and the name comes from a cute knitting joke explained here. I'm quite happy with it, quite happy indeed. It's everything I dreamt it would be. Da boyz in da hood will be thrilled, May. :-)

2. Better. Stronger. Faster - The Six Million Dollar Sleeves

Closer to six dollars, really, but what fun is that? I just named them that because they are reviving my old t-shirt that had unraveled surging on the sleeves. You might notice that I threw in a free matching hat as well. That will teach me next time, that a pair of sleeves only take barely over a skein. :-. I bought three, so I still have enough for a couple of small gifts or something. Also, I handpainted some green and brown over some of the graphic on the front to match the color of the sleeves. It turned out pretty cute, I think.

3. Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind - The Space Invaders Scarf

This was my first color knitting. Fairisle is really great; it can really turn lame yarn into cool stuff. I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the two faces have the same picture on each side, but the colors are flip-flopped. I decided to put some cute little fringies on the ends, and on one side, I ended with a little explosion like it got shot by the laser. Hee. I don't know if this is a technique or not, but I kind of staggered the fringe so the light blue ones are more visible from the dark side, and the dark more visible from the light side. It worked pretty well.

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