tahlulah (tahlulah) wrote in shizknit,

Knitting needle case

It's not "knitting" ... but this is a knitting needle case I made for myself. Got sick of keeping my needles in a big coffee mug!

Tried to take a closeup of the cute glass fishie beads, but my camera doesnt do closeup small well.
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That is my most favorite needle case I have ever seen! Can you tell us where you found the fabric?
Thank you! I love it too -- the fabric is so spring-like and pretty. I live in a small town in northwestern Ontario and I bought it at the local Fabricland.
that is lovely--fantastic colors!

i am jealous
Thank you! I love the colours too.

I may make a few to sell. If I do, I'll post about it here.

I just wandered in here on accident, but I have to say, I LOVE the case. And I love how you tiered it to hold double pointed needles and longer ones alike (I have a bazillion double pointed needles. I love them.)

You mentioned that you might be making any to sell, but that was well over a year ago. Any chance that idea took off? I've seen needle cases in stores, but they're never quite this exciting.